Essay Questions

Prepare for exams and future essays with the questions below that align with key concepts discussed in the chapter. Try timing yourself as you write to practise in a mock exam environment. Create mindmaps of key themes, quotes and arguments you could include in an answer to use as a revision tool.

  1. What have been the key factors that have brought about historical changes to the system of complaints against the police?
  2. What are the main arguments for having civilian control of the investigation of complaints against the police? Can any complaints system be completely independent?
  3. Has the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman contributed to bringing about fairness and justice within prisons?
  4. What are the most important differences between miscarriages of justice as perceived by members of the public and the definitions used by the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) and the Criminal Cases Review Commission?
  5. How have failings within criminal justice agencies contributed to wrongful convictions? Have these failings been rectified or do they remain today?