Essay Questions

Prepare for exams and future essays with the questions below that align with key concepts discussed in the chapter. Try timing yourself as you write to practise in a mock exam environment. Create mindmaps of key themes, quotes and arguments you could include in an answer to use as a revision tool.

  1. Is a close working relationship between the CPS and the police conducive to the smooth running of the Criminal Justice System, or does it highlight a lack of independence in the process?
  2. What special measures are currently available to assist vulnerable and intimidated witnesses participating in the criminal justice process, and are they sufficient?
  3. What checks are currently in place on the powers of the CPS, and do they sufficiently hold the CPS to account?
  4. Discuss the system in place to make offenders accountable for offences against specific minorities of society
  5. What specific procedures are in place regarding the prosecution of young offenders? Are they justified?