Essay Questions

Prepare for exams and future essays with the questions below that align with key concepts discussed in the chapter. Try timing yourself as you write to practise in a mock exam environment. Create mindmaps of key themes, quotes and arguments you could include in an answer to use as a revision tool.

  1. To what extent are arrangements for dealing with children in trouble different from those for adults?
  2. What does it mean to say that the murder of James Bulger was a ‘trigger event’? In what ways did it impact on the treatment of children in trouble?
  3. Why do discussions of youth justice frequently start with welfare and justice?
  4. If welfare is in the best interests of the child, why did a welfarist approach fall out of favour during the 1980s?
  5. How might one best characterise contemporary youth justice? To what extent is it similar to youth justice in the 1980s?