Activity Sheets

The third edition of Psychology for Teachers is supported by activity sheets. These are practical handouts that accompany activities from the book.

The page number has been provided to help you integrate these into your study.

Click here to download a zip file containing all the activity sheets.

Chapter Activity name Page
CH2 Perceptions Questionnaire 36
CH3 Memorable Lessons 52
CH3 Elevator Pitch 55
CH3 Classroom  56
CH3 Logo 57
CH3 First things first 62
CH4 Dream School 80
CH4 Values  81
CH5 Fundamental Movement Skills  110
CH6 Conservation  124
CH6 Parallel Distributed Processing Model 129
CH6 Attention Shifting  134
CH6 Doodling  137
CH7 Plutchik's Emotion Wheel 148
CH7 Personality Types 157
CH8 Coffee  177
CH8 Quiet Reflection 186
CH8 Self-Efficacy  189
CH10 Self-Determination Theory 2 240
CH11 Synthesis of Perspectives 247
CH11 School Report 249
CH11 Solution Focused Approach 253
CH11 Cognitive Based Therapy in Action 256
CH14 SMART Goals  326
CH15 Mental Imagery Script  337
CH16 Cognitive Restructuring (1)  256
CH16 Cognitive Restructuring (2)  349
CH17 Progressive Muscle Relaxation  356
CH19 The Classroom Environment  400
CH19 The Learning Environment 400
CH19 Behaviour  408
CH19 Low-Level Disruptive Behaviour  409
CH19 Four-Step Model of Behaviour  410
CH20 Elearning planning form 426
CH20 Types of elearning task 430
CH21 Dr. Frankenstein's Teacher 440
CH21 The Ideal Teacher 441
CH21 Adapted Personality Profile for Teachers 448