Case Study Sample Data

Case Studies

Throughout Using Software in Qualitative Research three case-study examples illustrate analytic tasks, their execution in CAQDAS packages and the potentials of different products. Chapter 2 summarizes the data sets, lists the research questions and outlines suggested processes for analysis.

The case-study examples are drawn from real research projects and/or reflect contemporary sociological issues. We use them to illustrate common analytic tasks encountered in a range of methodologies and to enable discussion of efficient and robust analytic strategies. Our intention is not to promote any particular method of analysis, or to suggest that there is necessarily an ‘ideal’ way of using a particular software program. Rather, we offer ideas for analysis in relation to different data types and methodological and practical contexts.

From this website you can download sample data that we refer to in the book, and follow through the chapter exercises using your chosen software package. Alternatively, you can choose to experiment with alternative ways of working. Your purpose in working with our sample data may be to familiarize with and compare particular software packages. Or you may use them as a means of experimenting with different tools in order to inform the development of your own software-supported analytic strategy. Whatever your purpose, be creative and experimental. The processes we present are not the only ways of proceeding with these types of data. You will get more out of software and data analysis if you try out different tools and processes and reflect on how they will suit the needs of your data and your preferred ways of working.

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