Transana developed at University of Wisconsin-Madison Centre of Education Research
We thank David K. Woods, Ph.D., Transana's Lead Developer for these pages                 

Transana  is an open source software designed for both the transcription and the analysis of multimedia data. Multiple approaches to the qualitative data analysis of still images, audio and video are possible. 

Transana Multi User version enables synchronous access to a project from different sites.  

As you will see in the subsequent pages – analysis depends on a transcript or notes which can be synchronized; importantly you can have several of these for each multi media file

  • You can create an empty project and later import audio or video data
  • You can transcribe inside the project or import a ready-made transcription

David Wood bases the exercises on Case Study C – the Coca Cola video data and provides thoughtful input on different methodological perspectives and philosophies concerning the analysis of audio visual data.

The step by step sections are  always oriented to specific case study data, but you can experiment with any of your own appropriate data. See download area 

In Chapter 5 to help get you started, we talk about productive things you can do in the early stages of setting up a ‘project’ in software. Experimenting with these processes where relevant in your chosen software will help to become familiar with useful entities in the software.    We keep the subject matter of other chapters in mind as the step by step tasks get deeper into the interpretive and interrogation processes of analysing different media. Varied approaches to qualitative data analysis inform how we discuss the functions of software.    Get Started!  

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