QDA Miner

We thank Normand Peladeau, the author of QDA Miner for contributing to these companion web pages                                                                                                                     

QDA Miner is the qualitative arm of three inter-connected software programs. QDA Miner offers good coding, memoing,  data organisation, retrieval and interrogation functions.  This software can be used on its own, or you can add on the following modules.

ADD ONS:    Wordstat – (content analysis – provides varied ways to search content, create vocabularies, multiple visual representation of the hits - charts, graphs tables etc., extending the content searching tools of QDA Miner.  SIMSTAT is a statistical analysis package. When used as an add-on to QDA Miner it  provides  statistical breakdowns of the content that add a quantitative dimension to qualitative interpretations supported by QDA Miner.

Getting started in QDA Miner. 
As you will see in the subsequent pages – there are various ways to start a project in this software.

  • You can create an empty project and later import data
  • You can start a project off by selecting a list of files,
  • You can start a project from a spreadsheet of mixed quantitative and qualitative data. 
  • You can create a project from and RIS file exported from a bibliographic management software (Chap 10)

These pages are followed by other tasks of data import, data organisation, coding and analysis. See download area for sample data

In Chapter 5 to help get you started, we talk about productive things you can do in the early stages of setting up a ‘project’ in software. Experimenting with these processes where relevant in your chosen software will help to become familiar with useful entities in the software.    We keep the subject matter of other chapters in mind as the step by step tasks in these pages get deeper into the interpretive and interrogation processes of analysing different media. Varied approaches to qualitative data analysis inform how we discuss the functions of software. Get started! 

If you need further tutorial support     http://provalisresearch.com/      http://provalisresearch.com/resources/tutorials/

Download the pdf for this software guide here.