Broaden your understanding of chapter topics and link to real conversations about social research.

Each of these web sites covers many methods topics.

Social Research Update

A series of downloadable brief papers each providing a guide to a different social research method

e-Source: Behavioral and Social Sciences Research

20 chapters written by international experts in methods and methodology

Web Center for Social Research Methods

A comprehensive guide to social research methods, with a leaning towards information about quantitative methods

Forum: Qualitative Social Research

An open-access journal with articles covering many aspects of qualitative research

Methods at Manchester

Associated with the University of Manchester this site contains resources and guidance on many different approaches to doing research

Sage Research Methods

A password-protected site providing paid access to many different research methods resources – books, journal articles, datasets, case studies of research projects and videos. Some of the links on www.rscbook.co.uk provide free access to some of these resources

Online QDA (Qualitative Data Analysis)

Learning materials covering all aspects of qualitative data analysis