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e-Source – Chapter on ‘Sample surveys’, section on ‘Preparing for Analysis’ by Sarah M. Nusser and Michael D. Larsen

Value Labels in SPSS

Selecting Cases in SPSS

SPSS Basic Skills Tutorial – Data Entry


Search for ‘SPSS cleaning data’; ‘SPSS entering data’; ‘SPSS recode into a new variable’; ‘SPSS weighting’. There are many videos on these topics providing step-by-step guidance

If you are using a different software package, for example, R, SAS, STATA or Excel, you can also find a great deal of help on the internet, by searching by the name of the software package and the procedure. For example, a search for ‘data entry’ with the name of each of these software tools generates the following hits:

STATA Data Entry

SAS Data Entry

R Data Entry

Excel Data Entry