Broaden your understanding of chapter topics and link to real conversations about social research.

Google Scholar

A way of using Google to search the academic literature only. Contains a variety of tools to help find relevant literature

Social Research Update 49. The Ethics of Internet Usage in Health and Personal Narratives Research, by Anne Grinyer

Social Research Update 61. Internet Research and Unobtrusive Methods, by Christine Hine

The Wayback Machine

An archive of past websites

National Centre for Research Methods: Exploring Online Research Methods

Visual Social Media Lab

Brings together a group of interdisciplinary researchers interested in analysing social media images and online visual cultures

Online Survey Design Guide

Help with designing web questionnaires

Ethnography Matters (concerns ethnography in general, but has a lot of content about online ethnography)

The Reliability of Wikipedia

Statistics software

As well as SPSS, there are a number of other general statistics software applications. Links to some are shown here, as well as useful SPSS sites

Using Excel for statistical analysis

A tutorial on how to use Excel for statistical analysis

Excel Statistics Tutorial on YouTube


The commercial site of Minitab statistical software

Minitab Tutorial on YouTube


‘R’ is free software for doing statistical analysis. This site has plenty of information about how to use it

Social Research Update 55. R and Quantitative Data Analysis, by Paul Webb

Provides an overview of R


SAS Tutorial on YouTube

STATA Learning Tutorials


The commercial site for SPSS, containing guides to its use

Statistics with SPSS

How2stats is a great site for learning about statistics, as well as SPSS

SPSS for Beginners 1 – Introduction

Basic Introduction to SPSS

Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE at UCLA: Resources to Help You Learn SPSS)

General statistics sites

StatTrek Teach Yourself Statistics

Online Statistics Education: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study

Hyperstat Online Statistics Textbook

Statistical Associates Publishing: Free, Downloadable, Statistics Guides

Fun stuff on statistics

Hans Rosling is a highly engaging presenter of ways to display statistical information. Here are three videos which show him at his best

1. Hans Rosling: Stats That Reshape Your Worldview

2. Hans Rosling: 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes – The World Visualized

3. Hans Rosling: The Joy of Stats (60 minute video)