Broaden your understanding of chapter topics and link to real conversations about social research.

An Introduction to Conversation Analysis (Charles Antaki)

A really helpful tutorial for learning how to do CA

Analysing Talk in Interaction (Charles Antaki)

A series of lectures on the analysis of talk

Nick Llewllyn’s Tutorial – Analysing Observational ‘Real Time’ Data

Contains data extracts and analyses of same, using ethnomethodological and conversation analytical principles, for teaching purposes

e-Source – Chapter on ‘Conversation analysis’ by John Heritage

Ethnomethodology/Conversation Analysis Wiki

Information and resources on ethnomethodology and conversation analysis

Emanuel Schegloff’s Transcription Module

A tutorial on how to produce CA transcripts

Transcription in conversation analysis

A helpful video guide to this important aspect of CA

Australasian Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (AIEMCA)


Software popular with conversation analysts, associated with TalkBank


Database of audio or video clips with transcripts suitable for conversation analysis

Elizabeth Stokoe – TEDx Talk on ‘The science of analyzing conversations, second by second’

Elizabeth Stokoe – Royal Institution Talk on ‘The interactional “nudge” – talking about talk’

Elizabeth Stokoe – WIRED UK Talk on ‘How to control a conversation with a single word’